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QuickIM J2ME 2.0

QuickIM J2ME 2.0

Screenshots of QuickIM J2ME

QuickIM J2ME Publisher's Description

QuickIM is compatible with many charsets such as Chinese. Unlike other mobile messenger software, QuickIM charges only an one time licence fee, there is no annual subscription to pay! Make sure to read fully the competing offers small prints before making a purchasing decision. If it's written somewhere "the cost of this product includes the first year of service.", it means you have to pay every year in order to use their software! QuickIM charges only an one-time fee for unlimited use.

If you have a Symbian UIQ device (SonyErcisson P800, P900, P910, Motorola A925, A1000, A1010, BenQ P30, P31...), you need to download QuickIM Symbian UIQ edition instead from HERE

If you have a BlackBerry device, you need to download QuickIM BlackBerry edition instead from HERE

If you have a Palm device (Treo 600, 650, Tungsten C ...), you need to download QuickIM Palm edition instead from HERE

Please check out support section on how to configure QuickIM on your phone

QuickIM MSN Messenger Universal Edition for all Java MIDP 2.0 Phones (Diamond Mako,Ericsson MC218,Ericsson R380,Nokia 3230,Nokia 3600,Nokia 3620,Nokia 3620-AT&T,Nokia 3620-Cingular,Nokia 3620-TMobile,Nokia 3650,Nokia 3660,Nokia 3660-AT&T,Nokia 3660-Cingular,Nokia 3660-TMobile,Nokia 6260,Nokia 6600,Nokia 6620,Nokia 6630,Nokia 6670,Nokia 7610,Nokia 7650,Nokia 7710,Nokia 9200 Series Communicator,Nokia 9210 Communicator,Nokia 9290 Communicator,Nokia 9300,Nokia 9500,Nokia N-Gage,Nokia N-Gage QD,Nokia N-Gage-AT&T,Nokia N-Gage-Cingular,Nokia N-Gage-TMobile,Nokia Series 60,Panasonic X700,Panasonic X800,Psion netBook,Psion Revo Plus,Psion Siena,SendoX,Siemens SX1,BenQ P30,BenQ P31 ...)

Winner of Handango Best Wireless Application!

QuickIM MSN Messenger is a very popular instant messaging software developed to run on all Java MIDP 2.0 phones (Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Siemens...) Send instant messages to family and friends from anywhere without paying any per SMS charge !

QuickIM has been awarded many times for its quality and ease of use.

Some screenshots:


To keep your instant messages confidential, QuickIM is the only ProxyLess MSN network compatible messenger!
Why a proxyless messenger while many mobile messenger vendors use proxy servers to provide the simultaneous support of several public networks (MSN + Yahoo ...)? Because when using a proxy server approach, the messenger software first has to send your messages to a proxy server owned by the software vendor, then forwards the messages to the instant messaging network. Consequently your messages can be read easily at the proxy server level! Even if most of the time, confidentiality is not an important issue to you, the proxy server also makes the instant messaging services more fragile, because if for whatever reason the proxy server is down or loses its connection to the public messaging network, the instant messaging software will stop working.
QuickIM wants to offer you a safe and reliable instant messaging service, this is why QuickIM does not use a proxy server, instead your mobile phone connects directly to the public messaging network.

Buy the software for:

  • No total 30 messages sending trial limit
  • Free updates
  • ...and much more!
    Flexible and ready for tomorrow:

    As the QuickIM MSN Messenger is compatible with both the public Microsoft MSN instant messaging network and QuickIM Secure Corporate Instant Messaging Server software, users can exchange messages on their private company network or on the public MSN network.

    Easy and feature-rich:

    Users only need to launch the application, connect to their favorite network server and enter their account login. Then they can:
    • Use a contact list on which you can see the status (online/offline/busy) of your contacts
    • Discuss in private or multiple users chat sessions simultaneously
    • Use text or emoticons (true emoticons support with graphical display in the message area) to communicate
    • Add or delete contacts from your contact list
    • Block a contact from seeing you in his/her buddy list for more privacy
    • Personalize the look of the application by changing text colors, language or skin colors.
    QuickIM is the developer of instant communication client and server software, designed for building real-time applications (message broadcasting, conferencing) that integrates business specific rules for the internet, intranet or wireless networks.
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